Informatics for Small Research Collections:

Cataloging, Storage, and Retrieval

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Based on the collection at Political Research Associates

The PRA Library and Archive

History of the PRA Library and Archive

PRA's Complex Taxonomy for Studying US Right-Wing

Right-Wing Serials: A Selected List

The Physical Library

Cataloging Guidelines and Standards

Entering Books in the Library Database

Shelf End Signage (examples)

Row 1, Row 2, Row 3, Row 4, Row 5, Row 6, Row 7, Row 8, Row A

spine label form, Spine Label Ordering,

The Physical Archive

Filing Protocols

Naming Conventions for Archive Boxes

Climate Control Report

Charting Software



Visual Design: Readability


Working with Interns

Library Voltern Inquiry Letter

Library Intern Supervision

PRA Library Intern Projects

What an ED Needs to Know about Web Tech


Featured Research Center
Berkeley Center for
Right-Wing Studies

Featured Social Movement Organization

Spirit House Project uses the arts, research, education, action, and spirituality to bring diverse peoples together to work for racial, economic, and social justice, as well as for spiritual maturity.

Featured Physical Archives

Marquette University has acquired a large collection of FBI files on US right-wing organizations and individuals. The files were released under the federal Freedom of Information Act to researcher Ernie Lazar. The Lazar Collection is also ONLINE!

Emory University: Neighbor's Network (Atlanta, Ga.) 1987-1998)

Featured Multimedia

Anti-Nazi lithograph cartoons by a survivor of the the genocide.

Why this Webpage?

The goal of the website is to provide online linkages to a variety of existing and new transatlantic resources for the study of social movements that seek to expand or restrict access to full democratic human rights for all people. The mission is to illuminate the relationship of hierarchies of race, gender, and class to societal conflicts, especially those involving social movement organizations and their specific ideologies, frames, and narratives.